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Monday, February 25, 2002
i went to mariveles bataan last sunday. visited the young marines to be. cool. I've seen the corregidor island. pero hanggang don' lang. wish to get there next time. so sad i do get interviews & almost there, kaya lang they're giving me low salary. pano na yon? i do have plans, i hope it's going to work. my friend cried. she was in love & had a affair for just 2 weeks. i wonder how long will it last for her?? di sana tulad saakin. i haven't lose hope anyway. we'll see.

Saturday, February 16, 2002
d Corrs- Rollercoaster

he's a girl in a world
she's movin as fast as she goes
loves her mom & her dad
d only secure that she knows
but at night she's alone
she's dreamin of somebody new
her someone for to hold
she's praying her dream will come true

--show me d way, show me, show me how
help me be brave, for long
show me d way, show me, tell me how
what do u say

there's a pain in her heart
she's trying so hard to unwind
makes her cry in the night
when visions so real make her blind
wants to break through the tears
erasing the skies from within
start anew, kind of big
she's down & she's praying again

- u see, she's turning the key, unlocking the door
embracing the roller coaster ride
stepping outside, with body & soul
taking whatever future holds

turning the key, unlocking the door
embracing the roller coaster ride
taking it strive, u're just 25
you know -we've all been hurt before
u see, u're not alone --no, u're not alone

Wednesday, February 13, 2002
it's valentines!!! who's ur valentine? i'll go home to spend valentines with my family. they won't leave. probably buy an icecream for them. ano nga kaya? eto, magkadate kami ng ofc mate ko for 8 hrs. eh kami lang dalawa. ano pa nga ba? may galit saakin? ano pang magagawa ko? i'l talk to her if she had cool down. i have nothing to hide, i'm just sincere with my work. nothing to argue about.
found this good love song for this day. i've read too much short love stories, too. Almost a love story. also was mine...

hen i wake up each mrng, trying to find myself
& if i ever released i'm sure i always remind myself
though u're someone in this world, that i always choose to love
from now on u're only someone that i used to love

as for me, it's getting down to the last unspoken part
when u must begin to ease the pain of a broken heart
tell me why should i even care if i have to lose ur love
from now on u're only someone that i used to love

wish is what that i have for you
all the love that i had to give
i did my best to keep you satisfied
i guess you'll never know how much i tried, i really tried

and if ever our past should cross again
well, u won't find me being the one to get lost again
once, i had so much to give
but you just refuse my love
from now on u're only someone that i used to love

Saturday, February 09, 2002
grabe ang life!! i feel lonely right now. I feel lame, i feel tamad. I feel... it's probably because i have ngayon. i gez i have to stop mag puyat. i really have to sleep early! pero pag natutulog ako, ang dami ko ng iniisip. I'll think of my work, how depressed and frustrated i am. which i rather not think about it kc sasama lang ang loob. if i think of other stories, i'll make it up, then later on, i'll cry, then later on, i'll remember mine. then later on, si (*7r594@ na ang naiisip ko. then later on, it will be a heartbreaking tears bago makatulog. so i rather do or work on bago matulog. wala naman ng mapanood. so sad. but don't be lonely. have plans for this week. it's just probably your period. move on-move on!

Monday, February 04, 2002
It's February!!! Don't have a valentine! How come i'm not used to it though I never had one all my life!? I'm at ofc alone and I just had an exam yesterday which i think was a flop. Anyway... it's okay. Dito na lang ako! What happened na? Anyari na kaya sa mga hostage ng Abu Sayaf? & how about the training ng Americans & pinoy in Mindanano? Daming issue!
I'll be watching Regine's concert on Valentines day. I reserved seats already. I love indian mango with patis and asin! hmmm

Friday, January 18, 2002
i'm still at the ofc. so boring. there's a big rush trafic outside dahil sa edsa 2 anniversary. hirap na naman ang mga commuters. for 5 days ata to. minsan dapat hindi na pinagkakagastusan ang mga events na ito. ipakain na lang nila sa tao. or the time spend eh sa mga importanteng bagay na lang. Corruption is still there. sana nga totoo si GMA.
ka tex ko yung new prospect ko. Lately i really feel lonely. parang depressed ba. But last night my gud pretty friend was crying over about her bf. Sometimes i though she deserved it kc playgirl din siya. But then, kakainis dinanman talaga ng bf niya. Though I really don't want that to happen to me, I know i cannot control eveybody. I was hurt before, pero di ganon. I still want respect. I think my new prospect isn't in love with me. Just infatuation lang yon or wala lang. Baka trip nga lang. Probably its just *$^6^3%* for now. I can't stop thinking of him. Parang super illusion na. Parang, bakit siya pa rin kahit na naiisip ko na hindi naman niya ako mahal. Parang, he's the only guy who had given me that kind of attention that i really appreciated. It's because no one had ever done what he did. It's because he's the only guy i fell in love with. Drama.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002
grabe! sa biyahe ako for 3 hrs! hirap na hirap na ako. palagi na lang ganito. hanggang kailan???? mabuti sa na kung maganda naman ang pupuntahan ko. wala naman akong gagawin ngayon. so sad.